‘Pupils feel safe and their behaviour is outstanding.’

                                                                                                                                                               OFSTED 2015


The school policy closely follows the Department for Education (DFE) and Local Authority (LA) policies and guidelines for attendance. All pupils are expected to attend every day unless there is an ‘authorised’ reason for absence.

Authorised Absence – Please telephone the school to let us know and confirm in writing, with a note to your child’s teacher, on the first day of return. This will prevent any unnecessary action by the Education Welfare Service. If an absence is reoccurring the school may ask for proof of absence e.g. doctors note, medical proof.

Unauthorised Absence – Any absence judged to be unauthorised would be referred to the Educational Welfare Service and, in line with the Governments Behaviour and Attendance Act, parents may be served with a penalty notice ranging from £50 – £100 if they are capable but unwilling to secure an improvement in their child’s school attendance.

Leave of Absence – In extreme circumstances the Headteacher may authorise a leave of absence. A home/school contract, stating the date of return, must be agreed and signed by the parent and Headteacher. If a child fails to return by the agreed date they may lose their school place.

It is school policy that “holidays in school term time are not allowed”. Parents who take their children out of school during school time risk losing their child’s place at the school and may be taken to court.

Appointments – Whenever possible dental and medical appointments should be made outside school hours. If this is not possible, parents should provide either a letter or an appointment card for school records. If your child does need to leave school to attend an appointment or any other reason, during school hours they must be collected from reception by a parent and signed out. If you delegate anyone else with this responsibility you must inform the school prior to their collection. Should school have any concerns they may refuse collection.


Please ensure your child comes to school on time everyday (8.50am in the morning – 12.55pm in the afternoon)

Pupils who arrive after 8.55am will need to come into school via the main hall door. Pupils arriving after assembly need to report to reception. It is important that parents notify the school of the reason for lateness.

Being on time is very important and pupils should have a good reason for being late. Recognition is given each year to pupils achieving 100% punctuality and attendance.

Collection of Pupils after School

Children MUST be collected at 3.20pm. Failure to do this means you are putting your child/ren at risk as they are not being constantly supervised. Social Services deem this persistent lateness as neglect of parental responsibilities. If this late collection continues, we will have no alternative but to involve Social Services in order to deal with the matter.