‘Pupils feel safe and their behaviour is outstanding.’

                                                                                                                                                               OFSTED 2015

Forest Schools

Quotes from children

“Forest school is a club where you learn but have fun at the same time.”

“When I went to forest school I had the best time ever. I learnt how to tie new knots like the clover hitch and the reef knot.”

“We lit a fire so that we could have hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.”

“We used tools to make our own wooden picture frames.”

“It was amazing!”

Forest schools, a Scandanavian initiative, have become very popular in England since their subsequent adoption here in the UK . Forest School has environmental awareness at the heart of its ethos, whilst supporting young children to develop responsibility for themselves and others.

Staff specially trained as Forest School Leaders introduce children to a completely new way accessing the curriculum. The children see it as pure fun. However this powerful approach enables young children to be independent, self-motivated, courageous, considerate and sets them up for life long learning. It particularly supports the development of their self-esteem and self-confidence. Pupils are learning valuable skills of teambuilding, cooperation, tool use woodland nature skills, problem solving and risk management. All this plus much more whilst developing close bonds with each other.