‘Pupils feel safe and their behaviour is outstanding.’

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Health Weeks/ Maths Day/ Sports Week

Health week is a whole school initiative that takes place for one week during the summer term. It is a fun and exciting week with a number of interesting activities booked for all children. Health week is a way of encouraging both staff and pupils to discover new ways of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and state of mind.

Health week is supported by Birmingham Health Education Service, and they offer their support with the use of their health education caravan each year. Children experience a variety of health related workshops within the caravan not only to learn about keeping healthy, but to learn how to make the right life choices. Other activities during the week include cheerleading workshops, basketball workshops, first aid training and a charity skipathon raising money for the British heart foundation.

Every year we try to vary the activities to give children the most exciting and interesting experience possible.


Maths Days

Maths half days have evolved from Maths week once a year to Maths Day once a year and now have become more regular as half days at the end of every half term. Teachers choose activities suitable for their pupils making Maths a lot of fun. All classes participate in maths practical half days in which pupils involve themselves with practical activities. Pupils have designed posters to advertise maths days, made badges, taken part in competitions, sponsored times tables and made Maths games. Pupils have also been awarded prizes from time to time. One year Maths week was combined with Money week and was very successful. Pupils enjoyed participating in the varied activities in all year groups. Year 5 pupils made Maths games as their homework project. They played these in the classroom and evaluated each other’s games. Year 4 based their good work assembly and showed the activities which took place through a power point presentation. There are lots of resources to deliver half termly Maths half days and pupils get a great opportunity to learn maths through whilst having fun.

Sports Week

Wilkes Green Junior School has taken part in Lloyds TSB’s National Schools Sports Week, which included World Sports Day on Monday 25th June 2012. The week proved to be a great success, with all of the children getting involved with various Olympic and sporting activities. The children all made their own flag of a country which was taking part in the Olympic Games, which encouraged them to think about how the Olympics brings together countries from all over the world and how those countries unite for two weeks to compete fairly against each other. The children also made their own pledge based around the Olympic and Paralympic values; respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. They pledged to follow one of these values for the next year. A school-wide competition was also launched, with 10 tickets for an Olympic football match at The City of Coventry stadium up for grabs. All of the children in the school were asked to write a diary entry of an Olympian on the day of their event. This encouraged the children to think about how athletes must feel when they are participating and the routines they must go through to prepare for their events. Finally all of the children in the school were asked to complete an Olympic project- with the best in each year group winning special, Olympic prizes. The projects were to be based on a famous Olympian, past or present. Some excellent projects were handed in on a range of different athletes, from Jessica Ennis to Usain Bolt.

Other events were also held in the run up to the Olympic Games. A trip was organised for 8 children to travel to the Olympic Park in London to watch a selection of events in Sainsbury’s 2012 Schools Games. The children, along with two members of staff watched cycling in the brand new Velodrome in the morning, before watching some athletics events in the Olympic Stadium in the afternoon. It was a fantastic day and a brilliant opportunity for the children to watch some top class sport and experience the Olympic Park itself.

Sports Week

The school was also lucky enough to obtain 12 tickets to an Olympic Football Qualifier, once again held at The City of Coventry Stadium. Mr Matthews, Mr Harris, Mrs Malhi and a few other members of staff accompanied the children to the game, which saw Senegal beat Oman 2-0. Despite it being a cold night the boys and girls had a fantastic time, which included watching the Sengal fans’ victory dance in the stadium afterwards!