‘This is an Outstanding school. It is exceptionally harmonious’

Outstanding Achievements

“It is unusual to come across organisations that are near perfect… but Wilkes Green Junior School is such an organisation” “Investors In People Gold award 2012.

We are delighted that the school has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark at Bronze Level for ‘commitment to excellence in primary science’.

Following completion of the annual review the school has successfully achieved National Healthy School Status for the 5th year running.

We have maintained our Active Mark for P.E for the 4th year running.

School continues to be recognised as meeting the National Standards of Effective Investment in People and IIP Model for Leadership and Management.

Key Achievements

School continues to be recognised as meeting DFE Financial Management Standard in schools.

ICT provision throughout the school has been upgraded with state of the art teaching and learning facilities.

Our results for KS2 SATS 2011 are once again very pleasing. 90% of pupils achieved level 4 and above in English (24% level 5). 92% of pupils achieved level 4 and above in Maths (39% level 5). Science teacher assessment shows 95% of children achieved level 4 and above (52% level 5).

Pupils have won a number of sporting competitions on a team and individual level in football, cricket and athletics.

In his most recent report the School Improvement Partner (SIP) stated this is a highly effective school. Pupils enjoy coming to school and make excellent progress¯.

100% of lessons were judged as outstanding or good in the recent lesson observation cycle.

School continues to receive very positive feedback from parents, visitors, ex-pupils and trips where our children have visited.

Pupils continue to excel in all aspects of school life e.g. A performance at the Cultural Evening of Entertainment.

School was featured in the Evening Mail as an example of how schools across Birmingham celebrated the Royal Wedding.