‘Pupils feel safe and their behaviour is outstanding.’

                                                                                                                                                               OFSTED 2015

School Security

In order to teach and to learn, staff and pupils must feel safe and secure.

Criminal and anti-social behaviour can cause disruption to the work of the school, physical and mental damage to people and damage to buildings. Worse, fear is created amongst pupils, staff and parents, which is out of all proportion to the actual crimes committed. The school has suffered very little in the way of criminal damage and vandalism because it works hard to establish strong links with the school community and has been proactive in taking steps to increase the security of the site.

The safety measures taken by the school include:

  • Secure boundary fencing, gating and limited access points for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Controlled main access route for visitors to the school reception which is easily accessible and clearly signed.
  • Site structure allows for natural surveillance from windows across open spaces playgrounds and car parks.
  • Good quality energy efficient dusk to dawn lighting.
  • Secure car parking that is well lit and has limited access points.
  • Secure windows and doors.
  • An Intruder alarm system linked to police response.
  • Secure storage facilities for high value portable equipment.
  • High risk areas are covered by CCTV.

These are only some of the steps taken by the school in safeguarding pupils, staff and visitors to the school. Risk assessments take place on a range of site aspects on a regular basis.