‘Teachers are delivering high quality physical education to their pupils’

                                                                                                                                           OFSTED 2015

Teaching and Learning

At the heart of every school is Teaching & Learning. The school works strenuously to maintain high standards to provide the very teaching and learning facilities for all our children. Below is an excerpt from the schools latest OFSTED inspection (2011):

‘Teaching and assessment for learning are consistently good and improving; they support pupils’ high levels of enjoyment of lessons. Relationships are warm and behaviour is very well managed. Time is seen as precious and pupils are punctual and keen to learn. Work is pitched at the right level so pupils build confidence and are challenged well. Teachers and teaching assistants work closely together to ensure pupils are very clear about what they are expected to learn. Pupils’ work is thoroughly and constructively marked and teachers skilful questioning helps ensure it is clear what pupils know and do not know as lessons progress.


The school has a comprehensive ‘curriculum map’ tightly fitted to pupils’ different needs and in which different levels of planning are dovetailed very well. The curriculum is thoroughly evaluated so it is being constantly refined and improved. Physical education makes a very strong contribution to pupils’ healthy lifestyles. A very wide range of partners are used to enrich sporting and cultural opportunities. A fitness programme is provided in conjunction with a local football club using both the school and the club’s premises. The curriculum is very sensitively attuned to pupils’ literacy and numeracy progress and needs so that resources, the organisation of small group teaching and other supports are very purposefully utilised. Lunchtime and after school clubs are immensely popular and well supported and include a brass band and a tabla and sitar music group. Pupils benefit from highly memorable experiences that best support their learning, development and well-being.’